Mar 09 ,2018

A common flower in Ibiza:

Siempre Vida; everlasting love

For every shoot we use things that refer to Ibiza, because we want to give you that real bohemian, Ibiza feeling. For last Fall/Winter 2018 shoot we made flower crowns of a common flower in Ibiza: Siempre Vida.

The flower

Siempre Vida is a small, yellow flower which you see every where in Ibiza. You can spot them near the rocks, on flower fields on the country side, in small villages, and so on.

The meaning

Siempre Vida is Spanish for everlasting love. In Ibiza they use it a lot during weddings. The guests throw it before the bride and groom when they leave the church. Because you wish them the everlasting love.  

It’s a flower with a true love story.

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