Jul 02 ,2019

Colourful knitwear!

New arrivals and it’s so colourful…

If the weather doesn’t, at least we can add some colour to life, right? So let’s start to add some colour to your outfit with our new knitwear! Orange, pink, light blue… we are so in love with these happy colours.

Jumpers with flared sleeves

New in this week is a cropped jumper with flared sleeves, made of a mohair blend. You can wear this item during cold, rainy days on a white blouse with flared pants. But during breezy summer nights you combine it perfect above a tunic or flowy maxi dress. Just like how we styled it here. Perfect for every season and available in two colours: light blue and pink.

Knitwear with cute details

Isla Ibiza Bonita isn’t Isla Ibiza Bonita if they don’t add cute pendants on clothes. On the new knitwear items you can spot a tiny, cute heart made of shell.

And of course we always think about what can make an item unique. Like this orange jumper: made of beautiful material with a surprising laced detail on the back. An item which can make every casual outfit, unique and eye-catching!

Shop now the new colourful arrivals!

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