Aug 13 ,2018

Unique Ibiza bags by Isla Ibiza Bonita

Handmade in India of antique fabrics. Every Ibiza bag is unique and has its own pattern and color.

NEW IN! We added two special bags to our FW18 collection. One with beads and pom poms and one with coins and beads. Every bag is different, so there is no one who walks with the same bag as you. How cool!

Handmade and unique

The bags are handmade and designed in India. To create this unique bags, they collect old, antique fabrics on the markets of India. So the fabrics of our Ibiza bags can come from old wedding dresses, wall hangings, leather goods and other antique fabrics. That’s why every bag is unique and not the same. It can differ in colors and patterns. Once this bag is yours, no one else walks with the same bag as you!

Give your outfit a boho touch

Give your outfit a real bohemian touch with these handmade Ibiza bags. Wear it crossbody, on your shoulder or as a clutch. Here is some inspiration:

- Wear the Ibiza bag crossbody in combination with a short, boots and a basic T-shirt. Not only  perfect for a daily outfit, but also really festival proof!

- Wear it as a shoulderbag with a colourful outfit. Think about colored flared pants and a big jumper with print.

- And this bag is also amazing for a party or another special occasion. In that case, wear it as a clutch with a cute dress, like a maxi dress or a short little black dress.

This Ibiza bag is the finishing touch of every outfit! And nobody will have the same bag as you because of its handmade design and antique fabrics. Shop here>>

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